Exceptional Craftsmanship

Posted by on April 10, 2015

For five years, we had been working on our house design and attending open houses in the area in order to select a general contractor when we were ready to build our home.  We spent a great deal of time investigating the work of many contractors and visiting homes they had built.   After more than a year of focused deliberation and serious consideration, we selected Ryan not only because of the craftsmanship evident in the homes he built, but also because of our ease in communicating with him.  We felt strongly he was a builder in whom we could place our trust.  Throughout the entire building process, we found this to be true.

First and foremost, our has been built with precision and craftsmanship, evident in Ryan’s work and in the subcontractors who have worked for him.  He has exceeded our expectations on all counts:  the basic construction of our home, the details that are standard in his constructions, the modifications and additions form our basic plan that he recommended, and the finishing and details on both interior and exterior.  Not only this, but we completely enjoyed the process.  Ryan was very easy to work with, and when we were in doubt, we found we could rely on his good judgement and excellent taste to help us with our choices.

Tony and Julie L.
Ringle, WI

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