Exceeding High Expectations

Posted by on May 24, 2015

We’ve built three new homes and done four large renovations. By far, our experience with Ryan has been the best. While our standards have gone up over time, Ryan has exceeded our expectations. Although cost isn’t our most important criteria, we were encouraged to see that Ryan’s cost was far less than his competitors. From the strength and stability of the structure to the art of the finish trim, Ryan’s quality has been great. Ryan also has a network of subcontractors that share his work ethic. Finally, the project has been well managed. Things happen when Ryan said they would and we haven’t lost time or had cost variances.

The project we did with Ryan involved adding a room over our garage. Our friends say that the new room looks like it has always been there which we take as a great compliment. During the project Ryan also helped us to correct some issues we had with the rest of the house — correcting problems that weren’t his with the same attention to detail as the original contract. If we have a regret it is that we didn’t start working with Ryan earlier in our life.

Steve and Kim

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