Our Reviews

What matters most is the happiness of our clients. From small remodels to building your new home, we have the experience to make your dreams a reality. Read what our customers had to say about working with us.

A Perfect Fit

“Why did we wait so long?” That is the question my husband and I have been asking ourselves since we moved into our new custom-built home. The answer to that question is simple—we needed to meet Ryan Smith. Ryan and his crew made our dream a reality!!!

After saving for years, planning, and making a list of what we knew we would like in our new home my husband and I began meeting with builders in the Stevens Point area, trying to find the right fit. Upon meeting Ryan, we knew we had found a genuine individual who would consider all our ideas. Perfect fit!!

Ryan listened carefully and considered all possibilities to craft a design that would suit all of our needs and interests. The design of our home is impeccable, functional, with stellar quality and craftsmanship. Attention to detail is one of Ryan’s greatest strengths, as seen in the interior and exterior finishing of our home.

Ryan, his crew, and designers made the building process easy! They were respectful and responsive professionals who showed integrity working on both the large projects and smallest details of our home. Over time, his crew became family, for which we will always be grateful.

We are incredibly pleased with our new home! It has been a pleasure working with Ryan and his team! We would highly recommend Ryan to anyone interested in working with a team of genuine individuals with integrity and high standards. Thank You!!!

Rick and Janene
Stevens Point, WI

Exceptional Craftsmanship

For five years, we had been working on our house design and attending open houses in the area in order to select a general contractor when we were ready to build our home.  We spent a great deal of time investigating the work of many contractors and visiting homes they had built.   After more than a year of focused deliberation and serious consideration, we selected Ryan not only because of the craftsmanship evident in the homes he built, but also because of our ease in communicating with him.  We felt strongly he was a builder in whom we could place our trust.  Throughout the entire building process, we found this to be true.

First and foremost, our has been built with precision and craftsmanship, evident in Ryan’s work and in the subcontractors who have worked for him.  He has exceeded our expectations on all counts:  the basic construction of our home, the details that are standard in his constructions, the modifications and additions form our basic plan that he recommended, and the finishing and details on both interior and exterior.  Not only this, but we completely enjoyed the process.  Ryan was very easy to work with, and when we were in doubt, we found we could rely on his good judgement and excellent taste to help us with our choices.

Tony and Julie L.
Ringle, WI

High Expectations Exceeded

Building a custom home is a thrilling yet demanding process.  As new home owners we had the highest expectations to the level of quality, cost and schedule.  Ryan delivered and clearly showed the ability to handle the most challenging aspects while maintaining both our budget and schedule.  We visited numerous homes that Ryan built and talked with several of the homeowners. What separated Ryan from the rest is his ability to see beyond the plans and really understand the owner’s intention and needs.  We were 100% correct in choosing Ryan to build our home.

The best judges of creativity, craftsmanship, and commitment of a builder are the people who live in the homes they have built and we can attest that building our home with Ryan and his team was the absolute best decision.  We are extremely pleased with Ryan’s professionalism, recommendations, eye for detail, and high level of quality.

Kevin & Stephanie L.
Plover, WI

Attention to Detail

We’ve built three new homes and done four large renovations. By far, our experience with Ryan has been the best. While our standards have gone up over time, Ryan has exceeded our expectations. Although cost isn’t our most important criteria, we were encouraged to see that Ryan’s cost was far less than his competitors. From the strength and stability of the structure to the art of the finish trim, Ryan’s quality has been great. Ryan also has a network of subcontractors that share his work ethic. Finally, the project has been well managed. Things happen when Ryan said they would and we haven’t lost time or had cost variances.

The project we did with Ryan involved adding a room over our garage. Our friends say that the new room looks like it has always been there which we take as a great compliment. During the project Ryan also helped us to correct some issues we had with the rest of the house — correcting problems that weren’t his with the same attention to detail as the original contract. If we have a regret it is that we didn’t start working with Ryan earlier in our life.

Steve and Kim
Pelican Lake, WI

Care and Attention

Thank you so very much for all of your care and attention you put into the paperwork and building of our home.  We can’t believe its been 3 years already.  We are still absolutely in love with our final product.  We even had a little addition added, too 🙂

Ross & Sheila
Mosinee, WI

Gratitude & Joy

During this season of gratitude and joy, we can’t help but express our thanks to you for the beautiful house you built for us!  We are truly blessed to have a wonderful home and that we were able to work with you on it.  Thanks for making our 2016 special!

Name withheld
Stevens Point, WI